Often understood or misunderstood from what one reads or hears, it’s hard to comprehend the need for empowerment and its adaptability to self. In the paragraphs that follow I would like to direct this conversation towards self-empowerment and self-empowerment alone – a journey towards awakening of self.

“Empowered you are if you are:
Able to stand tall and occupy some space by choice.

Able to speak up and express yourself by choice.

Able to say NO when you have to by choice.

Able to set boundaries and define acceptable behaviors by choice

Able to make decisions for yourself by choice.

Able to question self for the things you know to be wrong by choice.

Most of all able to embrace your authentic self from a place of self-love.”

Empowerment, like a finely-tailored suit fits you best; don’t make it to the measure of someone else. Let it fit you right, custom-made it is to your personal space and needs.

When the day of reckoning finally comes it’s time to set precedents; a path towards evolving to become your true self. It sure shall serve you well defining the “WHY” and not just the “WHAT”, for it brings meaning and purpose to the need for change. Change that’s inevitable to evolve sure will test your grit and reason; embrace it to embrace the new you-in-the-making.

To understand better “let’s consider the common weakness of being a people pleaser, and finding it impossible to say NO for fear of offending or disrespecting the other”. On introspection one would realize that this habit inconveniences, wastes time and most of all does not add value to your life, for you spend that time in the company of people and a purpose that’s not serving you well. Taking action with a clear understanding of cause will be the first self-empowering step. Start by initiating the small and with every new choice you surely scale up to taking bigger concrete decisions with more confidence.

Meet each morning with a smile and envision a life filled with new experiences through gratitude journaling, for one who appreciates life will surely find more to appreciate for. True empowerment comes from living a life by choice and not by chance.

Here’s to limitless possibilities in a limited life by choice…

Ajith Anirudhan
Life Empowerment Coach
International Coaching Federation (ACC)™/ CCA