We started as acquaintances, gradually becoming close friends over time. Despite keeping in touch through sporadic messages and texts, we managed to keep tabs on each other’s lives. These past few months had been particularly challenging for me, as I was going through a consuming phase where everything seemed like a chaotic mess. At the age of 35, being married, people expect you to have a better grasp of life, but little do they know that adults in their midlife can be even more lost and confused than teenagers.

One mundane Friday morning, as I went about my routine, my phone beeped, and there it was—a casual message from him saying hi. Seeing that message brought a sense of happiness and relief, reminding me that not everything in my life was serious and grave. It’s truly amazing how some people can have such a profound effect on you. I still remember the first time we met. We were introduced by a colleague at the water cooler in my first workplace. He shook my hand, greeting me with his deep, husky voice. There was an immediate chemistry between us, but we were both in relationships that prevented this unspoken chemistry from turning into something more. I eventually left that job, got married, and moved to a different country in search of greener pastures. Time passed, precisely 12 years, and we became “good friends.”
Fast forward to the present, I had settled back in my hometown, living a normal and somewhat boring corporate life as a couple. He, on the other hand, had gone through a separation. So, that’s where we stood. Going back to the message, he casually greeted me and inquired about my whereabouts and how I was doing. We decided it was time to catch up since it had been ages since we last met. The plan was to pick him up from his place and go for coffee and a movie the following day.

As I waited in the parking lot, I glanced through my phone and read the horrendous reviews the movie had received. It was a disappointment, and the last thing I needed was to waste another two hours on something unsatisfying. He had also seen the reviews and suggested we stay at his place for a while, considering the effort I had made to drive over. I agreed, realising that what I truly needed was a fresh conversation and the chance to reconnect, as we hadn’t done so in a long time.
For some reason, my palms were sweaty as I entered his posh, artfully decorated home. It felt reminiscent of a little girl’s haven, although I couldn’t explain why. The decor exuded a simple elegance with a few art pieces, and he remarked that it was a fresh start in his life. I smiled, taking in the surroundings.

As I sipped on some cold water during that scorching summer afternoon, I became aware of just how intense the weather had been. We decided to forgo coffee and opted for chilled beer instead. Conversations began to flow, and it was refreshing to chat about our lives and where we currently found ourselves. Beers turned into fine scotch, and the atmosphere grew more relaxed.

He suddenly mentioned, “Do you remember when we first met? It was around the water cooler. You were wearing a pink kurta with a red bindi and big jhumkas. You were quite a sight, you know.” I blushed, feeling myself turn pink with the unexpected attention, which he noticed. He gently placed his hand on mine and said, “You are very beautiful, you know that, right? I’ve always loved the innocence on your face. I wanted to get to know you better, but I never mustered the courage because I knew you were in a relationship.”

I didn’t dare look at his face.

He lifted my chin with his hand, urging me to meet his eyes, and asked, “Did you feel anything for me back then? Because I always had a feeling that there was an unspoken energy between us.” I smiled and tried to dismiss it, saying, “Nonsense!” But I couldn’t help biting my lip and taking his hands in mine. “No, I need to know,” he insisted. “I’ve always wanted to know.”

“Yes,” I finally admitted. “I felt the same way. I was quite attracted to you. But that’s in the past, and here we are.” Before I could finish my sentence, his lips met mine. He pulled back slightly, searching my eyes for approval, and this time I pulled his face back towards mine. Our kiss deepened, unleashing years of suppressed passion. My lips parted, and he eagerly took over. Our hands began to wander, mine entangled in his hair and caressing his face, gradually making their way to his broad shoulders. His arms enveloped me with gentle yet firm embrace, sliding down to my waist. He pulled away momentarily and asked, “Do you want to do this?” Reasoning had succumbed to overpowering passion, and I nodded in affirmation. We passionately kissed each other once again, as time blurred and lost its significance.

His hands found their way to my breasts, teasing and tantalising, eliciting waves of excitement throughout my body. It’s truly amazing how our bodies and minds can produce such intense sensations. I gently bit his earlobe and grazed his pants ever so slightly, driving him to a state of excitement. Before I knew it, our clothes were peeling off as we stumbled towards his spacious bed. He kissed my neck, my breasts, while his hands embarked on new explorations. He didn’t need me to express how aroused I was, as his fingers discovered new ways to pleasure me, evoking sensations like never before. I dug my nails into his shoulders, gasping for breath. Nothing seemed to make sense, yet everything fell into place.

“Now,” I whispered breathlessly, “I want you now.” As he slowly entered me, each thrust ignited a craving for more. The intensity reached its peak, overwhelming me with pleasure. Gasping for breath, I called out his name, clutching the fabric of the sheets in my hands. As we climaxed, reaching the pinnacle of pleasure, he laid beside me, pulling me closer and kissing my forehead. We embraced each other, and at that moment, no words were needed.
With a smile on my face, I closed my eyes, cherishing every sensation that had just unfolded. It was the most alive I had felt in years.

Driving back home, I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. I had experienced a myriad of emotions, both physical and emotional. If you’re wondering whether we spoke after that, of course we did, but that’s a conversation for another day. For now, I was simply elated to be alive.

  • A romantic at heart.