1. When and how did you realise that this is what you want to do?
I think I had this dream hidden somewhere in my head since childhood but in my college days, I participated in some fashion shows and strongly felt that this is the career I want to pursue and I always wanted to live a purposeful life, so I decided to participate in this prestigious pageant.

2. What are the hurdles you had to face to reach where you are today?
I feel that coming from the sensitive community that I am from, where women wear the veil as we call the “Ghoonghat”, there are still some people who are intimidated by women wanting to get into modeling or the glam industry. Many questioned my family members for allowing me to participate but they stood by my side and today I’ll stand by them.

3. Please share some of the highpoints of your journey so far?
From dreaming to winning the crown to working hard and making my dream come true there have been so many high points but winning the title Miss India 2022 first runner-up was the highest point I believe, I made my parents and Rajasthan proud.

4. What is your view did you have that gave you an edge over others in the pageant? Which language comes closest to your heart?
I don’t think I would call it an edge, I just feel that the decision was based on the women who performed best that night. We all are winners however maybe in my heart I feel it was my answer in the Top 5 QnA that did the magic. Before I could complete my answer I heard applause and I knew I was on the right path.
I’m comfortable in English, Hindi and Marwari.

5. It’s not easy the way we women juggle around so many things- our work, homes, families, social life, fitness etc. Some tips on how you like to balance it all? Would you like to share something more about your personal life that many out there don’t know and may want to know?
I believe in maintaining a balance between both my personal and professional life because I feel like my career is as important as finding time for my family and friends also I feel that work isn’t everything. Just when I work I only work, when I play I play.

6. What is your fitness, wellness and beauty mantra?
I do not have a fixed diet or regime. I believe in eating everything in moderation. People have this misconception that healthy food isn’t tasty which isn’t true at all. My beauty mantra is to eat good, sleep well and dance around when you get time.

7. What is your fashion quotient?
I feel comfort comes first. I don’t get influenced by over-the-top styles and I like to keep it cool and classy. I follow the trends which suit my body type and personality I believe fashion just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

8. What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty is within. The most underestimated beauty is the one that is not the obvious kind. In this day and age we can change and also alter our looks but what makes you beautiful is your kind heart and good intention towards everything.

9. What is your take on women standing up for each other, especially in the glamour and entertainment industry, do women really do that?
Yes of course! We had so much sisterhood in Miss India itself. Each girl stood up for the other and despite it being a competition each one of us cheered each other on our low days. I believe an empowered woman empowers women and that’s what I advocate.

10. Please share all the details that many entering the pageant may want to know and also some fun incidents on the days leading to the finale.
Being a Beauty Queen comes with responsibilities. So if you enter the competition thinking only about fame and glamour, you will be in for a surprise. Miss India looks for a woman with a purpose in life. You should apply for the pageant if you are confident about not only representing India confidently at the international pageant but also bringing about the change she wants to see in the world.

11. Indian women are known internationally for their dusky skin but there’s still a section that believes in white skin being beautiful. Although you’re not dusky we would like to know your views on dusky skin and your observations on the same in the industry?
I think with time industry is changing now people are becoming more accepting of different skin tones and body types. Today, we see models who are black, tribal or from minority races being accepted in the fashion industry and somehow this is influencing society to accept brown skin, I personally feel we are a creation of the god and we are divine and beautiful in our own way

12. Which are some of your most favourite holiday destinations?
Kashmir, Manali, Ladakh, Dubai and Maldives.

13. Did you master any passions or hobbies in the lockdown period last year?
One of the best things I learnt is Yoga! I didn’t know it would change my life so much. I’m mentally and physically so alert and at peace at the same time. A very interesting piece of art that I learnt is Mandala that not only taught me patience but also brought my creative side out.

14. What is in the pipeline in terms of your work currently?
I have lots of interesting things coming up! But it’s too soon to share it with but stay tuned to the MIO handle and my handle to know about it soon!

15. Are there any movie offers coming already and are you considering doing movies now?
I would love to surprise you guys hence would like to keep it a secret! But I would definitely leave you with this that yes, some exciting work coming up and I can’t wait to share it with you soon.