The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives and professions to a big extent. The home space saw us more than it ever did. As more time people spent indoors throughout 2020, they were craving more comfort at home than ever before. Aesthetics and ambience became a factor of consideration as they stayed confined in the home space. This led to reimagination of their spaces to meet the demands of their new lifestyle. Whether that called for creating a home office, designing aesthetics for Zoom and remote learning for kids, or just about every area of a home to be revisited for a refreshing look. Here’s a look at what the design forecast may look like for 2021.

This style is sure to trend in with vengeance. The reason is simple; after the realisation now that an ambience close to the natural elements is one of the key elements of well-being. Farmhouse style decorating is a popular micro-trend of country style that has the perfect blend of modern & rustic elements. When you long for that farm living & the countryside panorama, from bright colour palettes to rustic art displays to fresh cottons with natural motifs, this is the decor to go for! A mixed tale of bare woods, reclaimed hardware fixtures, copper art, knotted rope strings, and upcycled intricate solutions. Eclectic details sum up to tell many stories at one time, that is a perfect country home.

2021 may trend pastel shades in home decor more than ever. Spaces never go wrong with pastels. Any shade looks great once white is mixed to it generously. How interesting is it to know that baby pink is actually pastel red! Pastel hues of different shades, placed next to each other creates a global appeal. Pastel hues can help give a room a soft, fresh feel and create a calming interior. A great way to introduce pastel colours is in soft furnishings, such as cushions & throws to keep a harmonious ambience. Pastel motifs on floor teamed with different wood or cane textures, is sure to create a complimentary and stylish ambience. Pastel, the chastity of it is something one cannot brush off.

Trending will be the decor that has functionality & aesthetics in equal measure. Nordic is the way. Scandinavian themes are hugely in rise as there is something magical about a Scandinavian interior. The neutral colour palette, minimal adornment, yet cozy vibe draw us in. Hygge, however, is what sets Scandinavian home decor apart from other styles. As one of the interior design styles that shaped (and grew with) modern interior design in the 20th century, some of its features resemble modernism. These include, for example, clean lines, minimal decoration, and the importance of artwork. This is one of those that trends timelessly.

Inspired by the experience of the stay-at-home experience, dark & rich ambience will be a part of the ‘trending forecast’ for many. Dark interior design is one of the most stylish decor. The rich hues create gloriously dramatic spaces. And it’s easy to see why: dark schemes are a great backdrop for furniture, whether neutral or bold in colour & design; dark decorating schemes make rooms feel cozy and inviting – even in larger spaces; and they’re practical too, hiding all manner of sins, from sticky fingerprints to irregularities in walls. The sensuality and drama of such spaces are not ignorable. I personally love the invite of the challenge that ditch-the-light factor brings in, it’s called DARK!

Where space is not an issue, a rising trend will be the increasing attention towards bathroom designs. A space that requires equal, if not more, design power when compared to other spaces of the house. From wall texture to fittings, functional elements to artefacts, vanities to lighting, the list of factors to consider will multiply before you can take that special “bubble-soak”. With a world with a post pandemic impact, that took away all other luxuries to visit a spa, bathrooms will be the new rejuvenation camp as of now.

One full year of lockdown of 2020 has taught us to value our heritage, a bit more. The pause that we have been through brought us closer to our roots. It made us take note of the pricelessness of family legacy. Vintage design is old fashioned but extremely elegant. The theme uses items from the past to create a warm, nostalgic look. Today’s vintage style is not just a country look, with antiques and chintz fabric. Vintage style is now combined with more modern choices for a take that is fresh, yet full of the charm and history from the past. It involves the use of old styled & timed furniture as focals. This style is romantic as if inherited from grandparents, not junk, but the legacy.

Not just for 2021, Biophilic will be trending now for many years, if not forever! It involves the noble approach to architecture that seeks to connect the dwellers more closely to nature. Designs incorporated with things like natural lighting and ventilation, natural landscape features and other elements for creating a more productive and healthy environment for people. Biophilic design has been found to support cognitive function, physical health, and psychological well-being. In days to come, biophilic design will be seen in dwelling and work spaces. Red bricks, greeneries in abundance, air, ventilation, sunlight imbibed with natural elements, is a style statement in itself, going on to prove itself as more than just a philosophy.

This style of design is like going through upheavals of emotions and painting them with a brush! A Boho style incorporates an eclectic mix of colours, patterns, layers and textures. If you appreciate a free-spirited approach to interior design, a bohemian-inspired room is for you. It is a free style decor that allows colouring outside the lines. Encourages to be wild and passionate. Without hard and fast rules, what is random, colourful, and full of personality is a clear indication that you’re well on your way to a boho interior design home. A French word bohémien refers to a group of people (gypsies) who travelled from a region in the Czech Republic, Bohemia. BOHO is for the free-spirited ones who express themselves boldly and cross all limits to settle for a space that loudly belongs to them, and only them.

Rich & Warm is always trending! It’s one of the most dramatic portrayals of a space. Combining black and gold is a brilliant way to make a space feel rich and warm. B&G is refined and timeless. Black and Gold is juxtaposed to create a space of high contrast that only ‘luxurists’ can afford on their senses. A striking approach yet it is never too much to have a healthy dose of black & gold in a design. The opulence is incorrigible when black and gold stands next to each other.

Earth tone decoration is the most calming ambience one can have. The trend never fails. The earthy tones, often termed as neutrals and inspired by the nature and the hues of nature has a direct impact on our minds, we being a part of nature. Warm, earth-toned colours make any space feel inviting and honey, as opting for a nature-inspired paint colour can bring instant coziness to a room. From deep reds and tans to inviting cool grays and beiges, picking swatches reminiscent of the outdoors makes for a soothing home.

— By Runa Sikdar, Designer, Director, WHITE SPACE – innovating designs & RS Designs, India and Europe.