With each character she embodies, a genuine ardour emanates, persistently captivating even after the theater lights dim. Her magnetic influence extends beyond the limelight; as a fervent fitness enthusiast, she champions well-being, infusing motivation into all who witness her journey. A vibrant explorer, she fearlessly ventures on transformative odysseys, enriching her spirit through every expedition. Standing side by side with legends like Mohanlal and Rajinikanth in iconic films like “Jailer,” and “Big Brother,” her presence leaves an indelible legacy. In a world yearning for authenticity, Mirnaa Menon stands as the epitome of resolute passion, reminding us that embracing our true calling possesses the unparalleled power to reshape lives.

What is acting to you? What is the driving force behind your passion for acting?
To me, acting embodies the portrayal of diverse characters. While in real life, we embody our own character throughout our existence, acting grants us the ability to immerse ourselves in various roles. These roles span fiction, non-fiction, and countless genres, offering a captivating avenue to express a multitude of personas.

Ever since my childhood, acting has ignited a fervent passion within me. Upon entering the realm of cinema, I gained a profound realization: cinema serves as a powerful conduit. It transcends mere entertainment, wielding the potential to sway the masses. This awareness propels me to create numerous films and assume myriad roles. In doing so, I am positioned to guide the masses toward positive and constructive pathways.

How was your experience working with Rajinikanth and Mohanlal, and what are some valuable lessons you took away from collaborating with them?
Witnessing the dedication and passion for cinema displayed by Rajinikanth, Shiva Rajkumar, and Mohanlal Sir profoundly struck me. Despite their immense fame, their humility and simplicity stood out, acting as a catalyst for their continuous growth and iconic status.

The commitment to every facet of their work made a lasting impression on me. This quality is what I aspire to learn from. Their remarkable journey spans decades, during which they consistently refine their characters with unwavering dedication. Commendably, they seamlessly collaborate with fellow artists and absorb directorial guidance.

Approaching each film as if it were their debut is a source of inspiration. This mindset enables them to wholeheartedly embrace the director’s vision, becoming fully immersed in the artistic style. This profound dedication reflects their passion, work ethic, and abiding respect for cinema and acting.

How do you navigate the process of character selection in films, given the apparent significant differences in your character choices when comparing movies such as “Burqa” and “Big Brother”?
I choose characters that will bring a new flavour to the audience and to myself. I want to offer something fresh to the viewers that they will love. The character I select will convey something novel to the audience and introduce a unique essence. I’ve made the decision to position myself in a space where I avoid confining myself within the confines of a ‘heroine’ label. This tag imposes limitations, requiring one to conform to a specific portrayal, and that constriction is not what I seek. I yearn for a more exploratory approach, wanting to delve beyond the confines of materialistic conventions.

Your performance in Jailer was phenomenal. Can you share the experience on the preparation for the character in the movie?
When the call from the team behind “Jailer” came, it was already decided that I would inhabit this character. I dedicated extensive effort to shaping and embodying the role – refining the placement, infusing nuanced emotions, and weaving intricate layers into the character’s essence.

I meticulously imbued ‘Swetha’ with distinct emotional traits. As an introvert, I meticulously crafted her manner of speech, her reactions, and her interactions. This process was a collaborative one, enriched by the insights and guidance of the director.

How did it feel to be a part of a movie that has been so well-received by audiences worldwide?
I was filled with immense happiness to be a part of this movie, and particularly blessed to portray the role of Rajinikanth Sir’s daughter-in-law. Joining a film that has garnered such global audience acclaim brings me great joy. The opportunity to sit alongside him and share the experience of watching the film together was truly remarkable. What made it even more exceptional was the fact that Rajinikanth Sir doesn’t usually watch films in public theatres, rendering this a fortunate chance for me to view the movie alongside him.

Before viewing the film, my excitement was palpable as I pondered how the audience would receive it. However, as I watched the movie unfold, I became completely engrossed in the story, temporarily forgetting that I myself played a role in it. I found myself relishing the film like an ardent ‘Thalaivar’ fan, erupting into cheers. It wasn’t until later that I realized I hadn’t even noticed my own scenes in the film. Such was the extent of my absorption in watching Rajini Sir on screen that I inadvertently missed my own moments in the movie.

What is the most significant lesson you have learned in your career?
My journey in the realm of acting has taught me a fundamental truth: nothing in this sphere is enduring. Whether it’s wealth, renown, or the dazzle of the spotlight, these facets are subject to constant fluctuations. Positivity and negativity alike are transient companions that ebb and flow in our daily existence. This realization has left me with a valuable lesson—’ Nothing is permanent here.’

Armed with this understanding, my endeavour is to maintain equilibrium in my thoughts and emotions. Striving for balance is my key to contentment, enabling me to relish the journey and find joy in the process.

How do you envision your position and accomplishments in the next 5 to 10 years?
My goal is to create a position where I not only have a devoted audience that believes in my work and eagerly watches my films but also where filmmakers and producers are enthusiastic about collaborating with me on individual projects. This involves establishing a strong connection with my audience and gaining the trust of industry professionals who recognize my potential to lead films.

I aim to build a dedicated audience base that has faith in my craft and eagerly anticipates my cinematic endeavours. It’s equally vital to ensure profitability for the producers who invest in my projects.

By achieving this balance, I gain the ability to curate projects that align closely with my artistic sensibilities. Consequently, I can deliver outstanding films to my loyal audience. This synchronization embodies my overarching vision and aspiration.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
I view every aspect of life as a chance to learn and grow. Rather than drawing inspiration solely from individuals, I adopt a stance of learning from every person and situation I encounter.

What advice would you give to upcoming artists?
Embrace your unique timeline and journey, and stride forward with determination. Cultivate a vision that charts your desired path, ensuring clarity about your destination. By establishing precise goals, you lay the foundation for navigating toward your intended destination.