Ambience: If you’re thinking parties and get-togethers, then Dank is where you should be for a ‘moos-tastic’ experience. Their first floor is used for hosting private parties, which offers a spacious smoking area too, along with a DJ Console and a private bar.

The Moose Book Menu: Dank is packed with a wide assortment of exotic haute cuisine dishes. Chennai’s largest resto-bar Dank recently launched an all-new Moose Book menu curated by Executive Chef Sabyasachi, featuring an array of flavour packed delicious innovative food. The new menu incorporates fresh ingredients from the biodiversity around Chennai, making it nutritious and healthy.

There are also some exotic dishes such as vegan special dish called Kebab Mykonos made of Soya, Peppers, Fresh Herbs, and Fresh Herbs and Indian Ocean Prawns Sosatie made with Sea Caught Prawns and Spicy North African Marinade which are sure to serve as baits for the seafood lovers. Kickstart the party here with delicious small bites such as The Sparkling Lake having Creamy Chickpea Hummus, Spice Dusted Pita and Olive Oil Drizzle or Dank’s special healthy vegan pizza Fornarina, which is a thin crust cheese-less pizza for vegan lovers. For the food adventurer, Dank offers classic fresh, homemade Ravioli and Green Jungle Pie with the goodness of creamy spinach-feta, that are a must-try!

Also try their colonial inspired dish Railway Mutton Curry and Dank’s new innovative dessert Rocky Mountains with the flavour of Kumbakonam coffee and caramel popcorn that has our heart.

Must try: Kebab Mykonos (vegan), Homemade Ravioli, Indian Ocean Prawns Sosati, Dank’s Fantasy Wings and The ‘Nut’ Job.

Where: Dank, 117 Citi Tower, Sir Theyagaraya Road, T Nagar, Chennai 17.
Call: 044-42654555, 99400 54545.

Wallet Factor: Rs. 1000 without alcohol and Rs. 2000 with alcohol.

-By Vinitha Venkatesha