The word “Berrika” is derived from the Swedish word Berika, which means “to enrich”. Launched as an e-commerce website by founders Dinesh Shinde and Krysh Bajaj, Berrika is their response to an altered world; a high-end, nutritious and fulfilling grocery delivery service that will no doubt outlive the current crisis. Through their vast network of farmers and farms across the globe, Berrika caters the produce and ingredients that were once only the domain of restaurants. As a high-end, nutritious and fulfilling grocery delivery service, Berrika is currently operational in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Gurugram and now Bengaluru and brings novel harvests, fresh farm finds and delectable wonders of the world right in the comfort of your home.

A bounty beyond berries

With deep roots in the restaurant industry and access to a vast network of farmers across the globe, the folks behind Berrika are able to provide sumptuous baskets spanning berries, fruits, nuts, meats, cheese, ice creams, vegan products, cold-pressed juices and more. The thoughtful selection meets the parameters of health, nutrition, nourishment and is ripe to spark joy.

Eclectic produce, acquired from meticulous farmers, includes mangosteen, rambutan, longan, yellow dragon fruit and Japanese melon from Thailand; cherry, granny smith apple, red globe grapes from United States; Valencia orange and William pear from South Africa; apricot, grapefruit and peach from Australia; Hass avocados, purple corn and green and white asparagus from Peru; gooseberries, blueberries, blackberries from Holland; baby mandarins from South Africa; blue potato, baby fennel, rainbow carrots from Netherlands; bird eye chilli, mushrooms, lotus root from Thailand and more.

Don’t miss the sweet and tender coconut and burnt coconut from Thailand. Freshly pressed fruit juices and shakes include Florida orange juice, passion fruit juice, acai berry milkshake, berry blast milkshake, vegan mango milkshake and more.

Gourmet cheeses include Boursin, Camembert and Brie from France; Parmesan and Gorgonzola from Italy; Danish blue cheese and imported meats from Spain like Iberico ham, salami, pepperoni and chorizo; Nuts and dry fruits like pine nuts from Chile; pistachio and almonds from Iran; figs from Turkey; black raisins from Greece and others.

The Vegan offerings feature Vegan intense cheddar cheese; Vegan caractere goat cheese; Vegan roulade de Paris slice; Vegan mushroom slice; Latte oat drink; oat for coffee and more imported from Belgium and Finland. This vibrant and thoughtfully sourced curation of life-affirming foods will brighten your grocery basket and your mood!

Sol, the gift of abundance

Democratising access to restaurant-grade produce is the foundation of Berrika, upon which Krysh and Dinesh have built their gifting vertical – Sol. Sol is a fresh take on the tradition of food gifting. It prioritises health and life through thoughtfully curated bundles packed with the best of Berrika. The bundles feature an assortment of life-affirming and mood-altering picks from hand picked berries to exquisite Brie. Celebratory though they are, you’ll never need the excuse of festivities to gift Berrika because your health and the health of your loved ones deserves to be celebrated daily.

The brand story

Berrika is an effort to make the world a smaller place, with a little help from the farmers of the world, who bring abundance to our kitchen & tables to pass on to you.

“We needed to extend this basket of enriching abundance to our loyal customers and food enthusiasts accustomed to and longing for good produce, fine ingredients and fresh flavours. A lot of what you have missed about your travels and visits to our restaurants, Berrika will bring to your home. From meticulously selected blueberries to a niche cheese, from healthful cold-pressed juices to a selection of fine charcuterie”, add Berrika founders Dinesh Shinde and Krysh Bajaj.

As cities retreated indoors and hushed up in response to an unprecedented situation, Krysh Bajaj and Dinesh Shinde turned their attention to the new needs emerging at this time. The entrepreneur and importer respectively, both with deep roots in the restaurant industry, set out to redefine groceries for a people now acutely invested in their own health and interested in the provenance and quality of their food. With ample expertise in the trading industry as well as the hospitality industry for over decades, Berrika is their joint venture that is bringing the world together.

Berrika’s nurtured tribe, conscious consumers

The team at Berrika is cultivating conscious consumers that indulge in the novel finds of the world and enriching their beings with the best experiences and foods from around the globe. Their aim is to open them up to an array of enriching foods while enlightening them about its benefits, recipes and storage guides to ensure the consumers are well informed.

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