Here’s the greatest weight loss secret and the easiest and healthiest way to lose weight

Welcoming 2022 with a long list of resolutions? I bet this one tops your list: To Lose Weight. To Stay Healthy. To Lose Inches. To Heal!

The ultimate goal is to shed that bothersome stubborn fat because of which you have to position yourself carefully while posing for a picture, just so you look halfway decent.

Have you tried the Keto Diet, the Intermittent Fasting, the Low Carb or followed the Vegan way. Did you do your 45-minutes walk or worked out at the gym with the most enthusiastic personal trainer or followed the ultimate sacrifice of cutting out sweets and even punished your sweet tooth?

Still struggling with the lumpy bumpy irregular fat deposits all over? Have you tried a rub, massage and a wrap with seaweed every day? Honestly…might work!

If you want to maintain healthy weight and prevent heart disease…cut back on fat! That is the big fat lie we have been brainwashed with for years. For the record, fat is not the substance that is making us overweight. The real culprit is refined carbohydrates. Research proves years of low fat or no fat diet are detrimental to health. Vitamin A, D, E and K are fat soluble vitamins and fat transports them in our body. In fact, fat free or low fat foods are the reason many people overeat carbohydrates.

Just as petrol or diesel needs to burn to produce energy to make the engine of your car run, fat needs to burn in your body to produce energy required for you to function. Unfortunately most of us burn sugars to produce energy rather than fat; kind of like using your car’s battery to run rather than the fuel. Hence the steep slump in energy levels less than half way into a working day…the sugar craving that follows, eventually leading to lifestyle diseases like diabetes.

Just as simple as it is to understand that an accelerant would kindle the fire faster than a large damn log, sugar burns faster than fat. Any excess energy, the body stores as fat, under your skin, in your tummy or on your hips. While an accelerant is great to start the fire, it isn’t going to sustain the fire long enough and neither is a damn log going to burn fast enough to sustain the fire after the effect of the accelerant wears off.

We need fuel that is quick enough to burn yet slow enough to sustain and doesn’t form layers of bumps, lumps or love handles all over the body. We need to tilt from a carbohydrate metabolism to a fat metabolism.

The weight loss secret is in the chain…the chain of molecules that make up the fat. Short chain of fatty acids (AKA Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs) burn up quickly in the body…the greatest secret to weight loss success!

The Truth can make you Trim:
Fortunately nature has presented us with just one fantastic source that is economical, easily available and the greatest health secret of the tropics: Coconut Oil! One of the richest source of MCTs.

Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil breaks down rapidly and is completely absorbed in the intestinal tract. From the intestine it reaches the liver directly where it is converted into energy. Most other oils in the market have long chain fatty acids (aka LCTs) which are dumped into the bloodstream near the heart, from the intestine, as large fat droplets and have to travel through the body before they reach the liver and convert into energy. Hence most of us are riding on the easiest fuel that we gain access to – Sugar! LCTs take time to metabolise and are easily stored as fat. MCTs burn faster and more efficiently and hence contribute to better energy levels and more efficient weight loss.

The better the quality of fuel, the better the mileage…the logic remains the same, whether it is your car or your body. Coconut Oil is like premium fuel. It simply burns more efficiently. The icing on the cake is that it even protects your liver from toxic effects of those vodka shots or a dram of neat whisky.

The MCTs in Coconut Oil are similar to the fats in Mother’s milk. It has miraculous healing power.

Coconut Oil reduces inflammation, stabilises blood sugar, maintains steady energy levels, improves thyroid health, enhances mental clarity, accelerates weight loss and lubricates joints. Outside of mother’s milk, coconut oil has a unique fatty acid chain that is effective against bacteria which has even grown resistant to antibiotics. It has also proven to destroy several strains of influenza virus and kill yeast infections.

Those with IBS, Dysbiosis, Constipation, Indigestion and any other digestive disorders, while colon cleanse and liver cleanse form a vital part of healing. Coconut Oil is the best fat to consume while trying to rebuild your digestive health.

Ultimately coconut oil gifts you a lot more energy to enjoy every single day of your life. Daily dose of coconut oil leaves you feeling and looking fabulous. Let’s be honest, that is probably what most of us strive for everyday of our lives. I don’t know of any product that covers so many bases and tastes great too!

I advocate coconut oil as a foundational product for many clients and I have always been thrilled to witness some fantastic results. I have seen clients who have battled fatigue and pain due to fibromyalgia experience pain free bliss within the first 8-10 days of consuming coconut oil. Clients with chronic allergies and asthma have experienced significant relief. Many have seen their cholesterol levels improve greatly. I have had clients scream with joy to see a loss of three inches from their waist within three weeks of their detox coupled with coconut oil consumption.

Simplest Regime:
Consume 2-3 tablespoons of cold pressed virgin coconut oil after breakfast. Virgin cold pressed coconut oil is white and smells more fragrant. Do not consume coconut made from copra (dried coconut). Do remember cleansing the colon and liver is the key to jumpstart the process before beginning the coconut oil regime.

It really is that simple…and the quick results will keep you motivated.

– By Dr. Ashmita Boopathy Moturi.