1.Tata Nexon EV

The Nexon EV from Tata Motors has been the pioneer for the Indian market in terms of electric cars and now there is a new one with a sharper look. The other highlights include a new electric motor which is lighter along with the capability to charge other devices and EVs too. We will start with the looks though as the new Nexon EV has sleeker styling thanks to a full width connected LED lighting along with a chiselled bumper design.

There are new alloy wheels with aero inserts to increase the range as well. The talking point though is the interior which debuts a much larger 12.3-inch touchscreen and a digital instrument cluster along with loads of new features. Further tech points are earned for the new steering wheel with the digital logo too. Tata Motors have also reduced the button clutter now with a touch panel instead of physical buttons on the centre console.

The Long-Range version scores highly if you want more range and performance with a 465km figure and that is a big change from the previous Nexon EV. A 7.2kW AC charger also comes as standard too. To drive, the new Nexon EV is brisk and entertaining in terms of a fuss free drive. Performance is better and the real-world range is also quite impressive for its segment. The dynamics abilities have been spruced up and it is a much better car to drive. The Nexon EV now comes across as a more desirable alternative to the usual petrol/diesel SUVs due to its looks and performance while now the enhanced range is more convincing too. The Nexon EV remains the default choice in this segment but now the flaws have been removed. It is now a much more premium package with better range.

2. Mercedes-Benz EQE

The EQE from Mercedes-Benz looks unlike anything else as it has been made to be as aerodynamic as possible with a smoother shape. It is less upright than a traditional SUV but Mercedes-Benz is not doing traditional with the EQE. The EQE is the new sub brand of electric cars and the newest luxury SUV with emphasis on performance along with refinement. The EQE is a big SUV but looks swoopy and stylish with a distinct futuristic shape.

You are drawn to the massive blanked off grille with the stars being everywhere in terms of the pattern plus the headlamps are distinctive too. The connected lighting and the roofline flows is also something new for an SUV. However, nothing prepares you for the visual onslaught that the EQE interior brings. You are immediately surrounded by a massive 56inch hyper screen which occupies the entire dashboard along making it look like a space ship.

Even the passenger gets their own touchscreen to play with. The main centre screen is huge though and the display is unlike anything else. There are very few physical buttons but everything is neatly laid out and easy to use plus you can customise and add your own profiles along with finger print recognition. Being a Mercedes-Benz, you get a premium audio system plus massage seats and more. Even the seats adjust themselves to enable a comfortable position for the driver. While the front seats are comfortable, the rear seats also have a lot of space but more thigh support could have been better.

You are shocked by the lack of any noise when you drive it when two of the electric motors bring out a mountain of torque along with horsepower. Acceleration is shockingly fast and the way it goes is what makes an EV different. Yet, this is not some straight-line performance SUV as the soft suspension also gives it the luxury car credentials and it feels well suited to our roads in terms of compliance. Compared to some of their previous EVs, even the ground clearance is better. Range is plentiful at 550km and that is enough for most. Overall, the EQE is fast, comfortable, and beautifully built but expensive at Rs 1.4 crore.

BMW i7

A massive TV at the back? Is this a car or a luxury lounge? BMWs were about driving but the i7 takes a detour while being about pure technology and more. The i7 is the electric flagship and a massive limousine but the talking point is the performance along with the comfort. Of course, those looks are incredibly cool as well. The massive grille on the i7 is illuminated and the slim LEDs also point out at the striking looks. That said, the i7 is a long limousine with a traditional silhouette. However, back to the TV, the i7 gets a massive 31inch TV which comes down with a button with an 8K screen. You can stream movies and relax while even the rear doors come with their own touchscreens.

There is also a huge amount of space at the back and you can relax comfortably with even private jet style seats. Slightly intriguing is the aspect that you can watch movies at the back of a BMW since they have been traditionally about driving. That said, in terms of luxury, the i7 takes things to the stratosphere with a huge new screen and a lounge like atmosphere. Back to the driving, the i7 feels fast and gathers speed with ferocious intent with two of its electric motors. BMW though has made the power delivery more linear and less abrupt- something which augurs well with its overall experience.

True BMW enthusiasts will like the ‘Sports mode’ though since it brings a sharper response and there is a boost mode as well. Rather surprisingly, the ride quality is flat with none of the lumpiness that plagues other luxury cars with a sense of sharpness. The i7 is fast, luxurious and a comfortable limousine that takes the concept of luxury and takes it higher in its new generation form. The 7 Series has always been the sportier one but now it leading up to the technology game with its features while the i7 is arguably the 7 Series to have in terms of its sheer breath of appeal.