My story: I’m a student of Mass Communication and was very drawn to the field of Advertising and Visual Communication. For most of our filming assignments during college I always used to volunteer to operate the camera. It was one of the jury members for an assignment I did that remarked that my frames were very interesting and I should try my hand in photography that planted the idea in my head. In retrospect I was always sub-consciously drawn to the concept of a photograph or camera even as a child, but only when someone else noticed it did I realise the connection. It’s been 12 years now for me in this industry.

My signature style: Making natural-light portraits of people being their comfortable self in ordinary settings. It gives the viewer a very brief insight of who the person is when no one is around and may be hopefully makes the image more relatable. I love making people feel good about themselves.

What makes me different: My experience from being a wedding photographer and shooting about 170+ weddings in that time has taught me a lot of people skills and crisis management. The job always was to make whoever is in front of my camera and around me feel comfortable no matter if it’s their first time or they do it every day. My favourite shoot location is any big room with a massive west-facing window. I love using natural light and an indoor location usually comes with the added benefit of security and comfort in the face of the person being photographed. My USP is reliability and consistency. I have repeatedly put both these assets of mine to test so that I don’t take them for granted. I pride myself in saying a large percentage of my clients have already previously worked with me.

Advice to budding photographers: Be consistent. Photography is like any other job, on some days, even if you don’t feel you are up for it or it is the thing you want to do right now, you need to turn up.