Simu George’s career of 14 years has spanned across various functions of Human Resource, Business Development and Marketing functions in organisations like Standard Chartered Bank and IBM, to name a few.

The woman of substance, who is also the Director of ProVantage Consulting Pvt Ltd, is a self-made individual, a go-getter, passionate about health and focuses on creating awareness in attaining Holistic Wellness. Simu has been a champion of body positivity and commitment, primarily adhering to her belief in self-love over diet or any fitness regime.

As a wellness and fitness enthusiast, she confirms to the statement, “STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY” encouraging people to get stronger physically, mentally and nutritionally, hoping to show that it is possible to enjoy your favorite food while maintaining a balanced life.

Her upcoming campaign “IF I CAN, YOU TOO CAN” focusing on self-acceptance, the ‘me too’ time, self-nourishment, age-no-limit quotient, professional and personal responsibility is a NO-Excuse criteria. Wishing to be a role model for those who feel age, marital status or responsibility of nurturing children can barricade anyone to prioritising one’s own health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle.

Going Forward
She decided to get into the space of being a health and nutrition influencer, due to her deep-rooted enthusiasm towards health and fitness. She also got herself an International Certification in Zumba as a coach journeying the path for the past 10 years. It is a Govt. recognised certification as a healthy lifestyle promoter, an ongoing certification in Nutrition for Sports, exercise and weight management and in addition, a unique crown for her tremendous hardwork and dedication, Miss Wellness International 2021, 1st Runner UP Title winner.

Simu displays her interest in associating with brands that focus on health – from mental stability to workout tools. Also, with medical professionals to promote preventive medicines.

She likes to address issues like body shaming and eating disorders thus drastically improving each individual’s quality of life.

As a winner of MS WELLNESS INTERNATIONAL 2021, her social responsibility and support are to connect with NGOs comprising of underprivileged children who are victims of any kind of deadly disease. Train them to be fitness coaches in any area of interest, so that they can be independent individuals in the society.

She also wishes to impart Holistic Wellness sessions to the Police Officers, educate them on a balanced diet plan to follow when they are on field, exercise regime or workouts that they can do anywhere, basic techniques to stress management and psychological counseling.

Awards and Recognitions
FSSA Council (Fitness and Sports Sciences Association) is the fastest growing training academy and the only organisation in the continent to have their courses recognised by REPS India, a member of International Confederation.

The second edition of Ms Wellness International 2021 was a challenge to the Women with great power, strength, energy and passion in holistic wellness involving their physical, mental and emotional quotient.

My decision to contest in this was truly of its unique title which rightly suited my acquired abilities since childhood that still continues after personal and professional life transformations. The unstoppable and never give up beasty trait I possessed towards my passion, health and fitness was my individuality.

There was a lot of hardwork, dedication and determination that I squeezed through winning this title. The physical ability round was the most challenging to me as it involved doing more than 60 suicide planks in 3 minutes and 50 sit ups in 1 minute. This involved core strengthening to be stronger than ever and it was a tough ride. My trainer Karthik Cheran was a magician who not only got me to accomplish the task, but motivated me to break the record in the physical ability round. All contestants were equally tough. The final round shortlisted 30-35 contestants from the initial registration which was above 90.

This pageant gifted us with special master classes conducted by Industry specialists and certifications in various fields of health and lifestyle. Attendance to these sessions were mandatory, added to your final ratings. The competitive subevents comprised of flexibility round, physical ability, Mental Health aptitude, Q & A live round and sharing your life’s inspiring journey and to what extent it motivated people and how.