Monsoon showers have finally arrived, offering a much-needed respite from the scorching summers. Rains do create a soothing effect on all of us and brings alive the hidden ‘kid’, regardless of age groups. Sadly, the advent of monsoons also brings to fore some skin problems as a package deal as humidity in the air plays truant for both oily and dry skin.  The monsoon accompanied mood swings can also be a tough aspect to manage as constant rains carry this gloomy, dark appeal and a rather grudging atmosphere. So, while we all love our treasured memories of dancing under the rain, it no longer seems a treat in the adult, more complex world.

Here’s a quick guide to fend off the stress related problems and stay vibrant through the gloom:

  1. Bathing and skin care: Stress causes the muscles of the body to contract. Taking a long hot water bath can be an effective way to relax, calm down, and set your mind and body at ease. A leisurely bath can give your body and mind sheer joy. Indulge in a bath with Fiama Gel Bar to invigorate the senses. Made with the goodness of exotic natural ingredients and skin conditioners, the Gel Bar lathers on the skin and wipes off all the dirt and impurities leaving behind a soft, moisturized and happy skin. It’s refreshing fragrance keeps you fresh and energetic throughout the day.
  2. Cooking: Cooking is pure therapy. Not only does it help you involve yourself in creating something from scratch but also serves as a healthy diversion for the mind. Cooking engages our senses and nothing is more calming than cooking the own meal and watching everyone ravenously polishing it off. So, may-be it is a good idea to let your inner chef dabble in a hot, delicious monsoon friendly fare, chai-pakoda, chole-bhature or the ever green puri-aloo. Each Indian home has its own rainy-day favorite delicacy.
  3. Play a fun board game: Playing a board game is the best time when the entire family comes together on one table. It’s a fun activity that gives a chance to connect deeply with your family members, pull each other’s legs and crack some fun jokes. So, take out your family’s desired board game and brighten up the day. Working in a chaotic pace has long kept us all away from cherishing the rains from our windows and balconies. Now we all realise that time can be spent in slow pace yet satisfying manner in the comfort of our homes. It’s raining, you are stuck indoors, thinking of those happy years gone by, so take that game out and play along.
  4. Exercise and meditate: The soft vibrations from the rain showers, the aroma from the mud and the beautiful weather makes for the perfect ambience to meditate and pray. The weather cools down all the body senses, thus making one more attentive, rejuvenate, relax, de-stress and strengthen the mind and body. On the other hand, monsoon should not affect your daily workout routine. With so many videos available online, one can workout from the comfort of your home. Workouts like Zumba, Pilates, dancing, aerobics etc. all can be staying indoors
  5. Reading: A lot of times, in the everyday hustle one doesn’t get the chance to take out time for oneself. The magical rainy weather can help in setting the mood to read any book of any genre like romantic, comedy, suspense, drama etc. However long the book is, if you have the right tone and right mood set up, it’ll automatically grab your attention.

So now, you have showered in blissful leisure, cooked your lip-smacking meal, drawn some crosses with your family on the board spread, burnt those piled up calories with a light workout. Happy Rainy Day.