How did you both meet each other?
Anushka: We met at an event that my mom was hosting. We became friends and we understood each other well and eventually, we were inseparable.

What’s your unforgettable Valentine’s Day surprise?
It would be the day when Adi and I just went to this beach place and we spoke and spoke. We just lost track of time and the conversation was magical. We connected on a different level that day.

Which factor holds you both together as a couple?
It’s respect for each other and the fact that we are best friends before being partners. We can be totally ourselves with each other and there is absolutely no fear of judgment.

Some habit of both of you that you find weird?
I am a loud Punjabi and Adi has this weird laugh that is noiseless. That can be weird sometimes.

Tell us the first thing you noticed about him/her?
I noticed his smile at first. He would smile from his heart and he would give his hundred percent at the moment. I think I could be heard before seen so my laughter is something that’s noticed easily.

Any memorable gift from your partner?
His promise forever is the greatest gift. And I promised to never let him walk alone. Nothing beats that.

How was the time spent together during the lockdown?
It was great. We connected at a deep level and we understood each other even better. We got to know our spaces better.

What is the most romantic thing you have done for each other?
We have our conversation nights and that’s kind of very romantic. We talk endlessly and we sometimes even talk till the sun rises.

How do you support each other in times of stress?
We are just there. We can always count on each other when we are feeling any kind of fear. We are a team.

What are the things you love doing together?
We cook together sometimes and we do gardening. Besides we also dance sometimes.

What are the nicknames for each other?
That’s something I can’t give out here.

Which place have you both always wanted to travel to as a couple?
Mykonos, and the Northern lights. That’s on the plan so hopefully soon.