The future of interiors points to the need for customisation that allows for space and function to evolve as lifestyle needs change. The growing trend toward customisation offers the potential to connect with one’s living space and adapt their office or home to their evolving and diverse needs.

Team BAREBASE always looks for opportunities to explore and expand originality and they attempt to do this through their office space! The team follows and believes that every corner of their space has the power to captivate, because all the nuanced details assemble, to nurture something that is so distinct yet subtly contrasting to a stereotypical office. Located in the heart of Bangalore city, we would like to take you on a tour of the team’s home!

As you walk into their rustic cave, you’ll meet a young team of “space doctors” who have experimented with a unique take on the flooring through the contrast of the dark and the light, intending to create a balancing yin-yang effect. They aimed to go old-school with the waterless-cement ceiling (a self-made composition) and exposed pipes to create a raw look.

A fully engineered double door divides the co-working space from the ideation room. All the hardware is concealed within the width of the door to tastefully deliver a seamless finish.
Giving you a glimpse into the ideation room, picture this! You will walk on reclaimed hardwood flooring meant to invoke a sense of warmth. The material library captures trends in the market, inspiring creative minds to reflect and visualise new creations. You will also be greeted by the mirrored storage unit with sliding doors, which is meant to create an enlarged mirage to breathe visual intrigue in a cozy space.

The founder of BAREBASE, Harish Padmanabhan believes in unity and appreciating each individual’s ideas and this aspect is mirrored through the tiny details of this space. His core team comprises Ridhi Bhinde -Director Operations and Key Accounts, Sahil Demblani – Director Projects and Finance and Ananya Praveen Reddy – New Business Development.

They have invested their precious time and effort into conveying each of their colleague’s personalities through the interiors. This team has now embarked upon a unique project that will get launched in May 2023. This wonderful office space gives them the space to huddle every other day to create a marvellous experience for everyone connected in one way or the other.

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