This story exposes the underbelly of medical practice by following the lives of two doctors born in the same town. Although they hail from similar backgrounds, they chart diametrically opposite paths to attain their goals. Both encounter various aspects of ethical and unethical practices in the field of medicine, but deal with these in a contrasting manner. The subtle nuances of the differences in the way medicine is practiced in the USA and in India are also dwelt upon in the narrative. The interesting and important question of why a doctor sometimes chooses a deviant path is unravelled through certain individual experiences in the field of medicine.
This book is for all those doctors who have dedicated their lives to help humanity and who by personal example strive to inculcate the principles of ethical medicine in their students so that the legacy of the Hippocrates oath lives on for generations to come. How different can two peas from the same pod be?
How different can two youths from the same town be?
How different can two doctors with similar backgrounds
be? How different can ethical and unethical medicine be? That is a million dollar question!
Follow these two medics to see if some light falls on this complex subject.

Book: A Tale of Two Medics
Author: Dr V. Srinivas
Price: Rs. 400
Publication: White Falcon
Pages: 210.