Maruti Suzuki eVX
The eVX is the first electric Maruti SUV and points to their potential offering in this segment. The eVX is a purpose-built SUV which will come with a 550km range with a 60kWh battery pack. Since it is based on a bespoke electric platform, the space inside would be huge and the styling too points at sharp design details including being more of an SUV coupe.

Hyundai Ioniq 5
One of the few launches of the Auto Expo was the Ioniq 5 from Hyundai which is a luxury SUV along with a futuristic design. This is an electric car with numerous cool design details like those aero inspired wheels to a centre console which can moved. Inside, you get ADAS tech along with a pair of 12.3-inch screens while the interior also uses sustainable materials which points it to being further environmentally friendly. The range on offer from this EV is 631km

Lexus RX
The RX is a large luxury SUV but also brings in an element of being green thanks to its turbocharged petrol engine which is combined to a hybrid system. This means that it brings more performance too along with being electric at low speeds too. Lexus uses a high-performance battery too for more performance in the RX while the interior uses a massive 14inch screen and Japanese craftsmanship as well.

Tata Sierra EV
One of the most iconic names is now back or will be in 2025 with Tata Motors showcasing its Sierra EV in closer to production form. The Sierra EV is a premium SUV and would be Tata’s flagship product with butch styling along with upright proportions. The interior is clean and features a mostly touch screen laden cabin along with voice controls. The Sierra is also huge on the inside with a lot of space while the cabin is green in design with clear spaces.

Maruti Jimny
The rugged off-roader from Maruti Suzuki makes its presence felt in production spec form along with being a 5-door as well. The Jimny is a tough 4X4 SUV with being designed for the outdoors while the design has been made practical with 5-doors now. In terms of powertrains the Jimny is also a mild hybrid with manual and automatic options along with a permanent 4×4 system with a low-range gearbox for proper off-roading.

Kia KA4
The tag of one of the biggest new cars at the 2023 Auto Expo belongs to the Kia KA4 or the new generation Kia Carnival. This is a massive luxury MPV which looks more like an SUV with its huge presence. The interior is also like a luxury limousine with loads of space and lots of features being crammed in. This could be a potential success with demand for large luxury vehicles increasing since people spend more time on our roads these days. This will replace the current generation Carnival in India and carry forward the success that it has.