Makeup is an art and Sandysartistry who has been in the business of beauty for a while now has mastered this art

My journey – I was always fascinated by all things fashion and beauty. I wanted to do something in this field. Since I was a dancer, I used to do my own makeup hence I tried makeup on my friends and co dancers. They liked it and I loved it too. Since then I had decided, why not try my luck in makeup and become a pro makeup artist. After that there’s been no looking back. I remember my earliest memories as a young boy, drawn to the beauty of actresses on the silver screen. I always had an inclination towards beauty.

Makeup trends: Less is more is always in vogue. So dewy skin is in. My signature style is half-winged eyeliner, lots of mascara and nude lips.

Celebrities: I always loved Deepika Padukone’s face and I had always dreamt of working on her face. I manifested and it came true. I have worked with many models and that’s why I wanted to also work with Deepika as she was also an ex-model, so, it was easy to work on such a beautiful face.

Advice for budding makeup and hair artists: Patience and of course talent… but most importantly being humble.

Contact Sandy on Sandysartistry (sandy artist) or call Sandeep Molugu on 9959622240.

– As told to Namita Gupta