Accidents are unexpected events. Natural disasters such as earthquakes are on the rise collapsing buildings and hurting the inmates in every way. Between the cup and the lip there can be a slip.

From the time of the accident to the time to the time of hospitalisation where the injured are handed over to the care of capable physicians, the injured suffer mental and physical pain. If during this period, the homeopathic medicine Arnica is administered along with the first aid treatment such as bandaging, pain and bleeding will be reduced. Administration of the medicine Calendula will prevent sepsis.

There are different remedies that are specific for the different tissues of the body. The medicine Hypericum heals nerve injuries, Ledum Pal is for bites and punctured wounds, Cantharis for burns, Symphytom and Ruta are bone and tendon healers and Pyrogenum is a medicine for extensive lacerated life threatening wounds the use which can do away with the need for amputation of limbs and can save lives.

Thirty times activated form of the medicine is known as the thirtieth potency medicine. Even children willingly ingest this medicine in the sugar coated form.

Depending on the number of passengers in a vehicle, one ounce or more of the 30 potency pills of the emergency medicines could be carried in it. It is advisable to carry these medicines in vehicles such as cycles, bikes, cars, buses, trains, ships and planes.

It is also advisable to have a supply of these medicines in all the hospitals, in educational institutions such as schools, colleges, sports fields, shopping centres and public places. It is good to have a supply of Arnica and Calendula in every house. If anyone in the house happens to sustain a fall, a dose of about ten pills of Arnica could be given to the injured before he is taken to the physician for shot of tetanus toxoid.

All the homeopaths will willingly supply all the necessary medicines advice how frequently they should be taken. Even after hospitalisation, if homeopaths join the team of physicians treating the injured not only will it be beneficial to the patient but the later effects of some head injuries due to haemorrhage into the brain such as paralysis and fits could also be prevented. These medicines are harmless.

The homeopathy medical shops have been informed to keep emergency medicines. Take a packet and keep it in your vehicle, whatever the vehicle you have, car or bike.

– By Dr. Anbu Paul, M.B.B.S.D.Ch.