There’s always a certain enigma attached to new places that launch in town. So when Suzy Q opened doors in Bangalore, we had to be there to raise the curtains. The spanking new haute spot gives that quintessential vibe, our garden city is known for with a 15 ft tree adding that extra touch for a relaxed outdoorsy mood. Walk through the pathway with a green canopy festooned with foliage all around.

Ambiance: Suzy Q emanates an ambience that appeals to people across generations. The entire outdoor area invokes a feeling of a garden filled with plush foliage. The design focusses on adding more warmth and as you step inside you are welcomed by vibrant eye-catchy upscale interiors. Facing the red arched facade of the building are pockets of two-seater red “Love” booths which are two-seater tables tucked away with a splash of red all over, including the chandelier camouflaged with the red arches. The inside space is rustic with tall lamp posts and wicker chandeliers providing a timeless colonial nostalgia. A plethora of different colours like bright yellow to a more subtle tan make up the fit and finish to reflect the bright hues of the place.

Step in further and you’ll find an imposing balcony with a Roman façade overlooking the seating area for the DJ to pump up the adrenaline on weekends. This makes the space more flexible and can be easily converted to a high energy pub. The balconies continue as a feature on the brick cladded walls to maintain the same character amidst an infusion of greenery all over the indoors. This bay also consists of a central amoebic community seater meant to catalyse interactions. There are other experimental seating arrangements, literally meant to “bring something new to the table”. The walls of the restaurant are also used as a canvas to display flamboyant wall art and pops of colour.

The interiors of Suzy Q have two different characters, one which is set in Rome and the other is through the artworks that have been created on the interior walls. These characters, though are a complete contrast, making the space look classy and sassy at the same time creating an uptown tone.

Food: Their tapas-inspired menu is unique and we loved the way they serve their haute cuisine on cute plates with quirky text on each of them. The menu is an exhilarating concept that delves into the universal language of tapas and world cuisine, with an emphasis on gastronome delights like coastal delicacies, North Indian, dhungar (smoking), tandoor, gourmet burgers, pizzas, a classy tinge of Asian and continental munchies which will sweep your palate away!

The extensive menu of seemingly mixed styles reflects Bengaluru’s taste preferences in this food-obsessed city. Local ingredients are combined with traditional cooking methods touching the sweet spot and when combined with cocktails, they can create magic.

If you’re looking only for Bar Nibbles there’s also comfort food like nachos or fries. Or just go in for a delicious Mangalorean-style sukka or some antipasti like Baked tarts, Classic cheese cherry pineapple, and rigatoni fritters, Chips N Dips, Cheeselings and Chakna. The appetisers we recommend include Bhuna Gosht Tacos, Chimichurri Roulade, Tandoori Pork Belly, Braised mushrooms and bok choy and Tangerine chicken. Pasta lovers can rejoice as it’s an important part of the menu. Don’t expect the traditional red and white sauce, try the Boston style butter sauce, Florentine, Creole or Tuscan and you won’t be disappointed.

Regional dishes such as Champaran Mutton, Daryaganj Tawa Chicken, and Khau Gali Tawa Pulao, to name a few, are also well researched. That’s not it, there’s also comfort Asian classics like Thai Curry and Kung Pao. Desserts get a twist with their own version of the ubiquitous Indian Mithai. There’s also the classic and eclectic Cheesecake and bitter-sweet Flourless Chocolate Cake.

Various cooking methods play an important role in bringing SQ’s food menu’s innovative concepts to life. Casie-culture, lacto-fermentation, smoking (Dhungar), and slow cooking methods such as braising, dum-cooking, and other slow cooking methods are all important aspects of our food philosophy.

The bartenders make their own blends with homemade bitters, syrups, and botanicals with new fruits, spices, and botanicals and that’s why you’ll find their cocktails elegant, pretty and aromatic. There’s also a whole section for the Indian palate, made with crushed Curry leaves, Pan, Kalakhatta, Kokum, Chaat masala and others. If you’re in the mood to curate your personalised blends and recipes go ahead and they will do it for you – from signature to tweaked classics, with a wide variety of flavours. We liked their special take on Gin & Tonic, and Twisted Classic cocktails that take the taste and sensory perception on a new high.

Where: Suzy Q, Indian Express Building, No 1, Queens Road, Bangalore. Call: 080 4725 00 88.