When you engage in a conversation with a local artist or craftsmen, it builds a bond or sparks a change in perspective. You will have unwittingly wandered into the labyrinth of what experiential travel means.

It is interesting to say that for the new traveller seeing places is no longer enough. The number of curious seekers is on the rise. It is interesting to note that a state like Rajasthan has drawn curiosity from not just people across the length and breadth of India, but also from people across the world. Kartik Gaggar of Rajasthan Studio made a strategic decision of hunting and exploring some of India’s dying art forms. Immersing yourself in art is by itself a fulfilling experience that not only helps you learn more about the city but also gives you a sense of calmness. When the travellers encounter art, they are connecting with the artist’s experiences and transforming the meaning of the art with their own.

They have connected over ten thousand artists and art lovers with their desired audience. With a team that pushes constantly for the growth of its community, RajasthanStudio.com promotes artist-to-people connections, community growth and mutual trust throughout. Being in the city of culture and rich history, art experiences are the greatest way a traveller will learn beyond what is now known through a quick internet search.

Authentic being the keyword for founder Kartik Gaggar, the experiences allow one to enter the homes and lives of these master artists. They also aim at uplifting the lives of these artists by giving them a medium for income yet allowing them to be in their comfort zone.

In its preceding two years of research and around a year of operations, they have created not just meaningful art masterclasses but also another vertical — a free artist-focused community called, ‘The Circle,’ where artists from all over can come and connect with each other to learn, co-create, and network. Little did he know then that this community of artists would help his startup survive the wrath of 2020 and how. When the nation and most parts of the world went into a lockdown and life as we knew it came to a standstill, people did not know what to do with their time anymore. It was during this time, they dared to transform their core value system and adapt to the evolved needs of the people.

They started connecting with more and more artists to join their circle community and become a part of their online art experiences. The overwhelming response to their online experiences from the people made them realise its potential and they further introduced virtual experiences for the corporates and various other e-events.

The artists truly became the saviors and through their virtual experiences impacted thousands of lives and helped them realise their creative fancies and potential.

In a matter of just a few months, their artist community grew to a staggering ten thousand plus artists from around the globe, breathing new life into the startup and of course thousands of people across the world with distinct forms of arts and crafts.

Today they even have some of the biggest corporate houses from around the world taking their online art experiences, thanks to the artists who continue to believe in their vision and mission. They currently offer over 27 masterclass workshops hosted by award-winning artists in Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur. The unique experiences include workshops on miniature art painting, gemstone carving, making of juttis, Rajasthani Kathputli (puppetry), seafoam carving, amongst many others

Today travellers want to experience destinations, meet their people, understand their customs and take back more than what they actually came for. Travellers now want to enjoy more personal experiences and be woke. So how do you start that?

• Break out of the bubble and the typical packaged tours.

• Connect with individuals, real people with real lives. Some of these connections can turn into true friendships and who knows you could learn something about yourself you’d never know

• Understand the rich culture of a place and see how the master artists live, which allows you to respect their differences and acknowledge similarities.

• See places fewer people see, that “off the beaten path” we’re so keen to take.

• Broaden our knowledge, open our minds and provide insight into our own lives and cultures.