Women Entrepreneurs Ladders and Shilpi Chowdhury’s Haute Couture Studio are presenting Miss India Entrepreneur Pageant 2021 this month. Women Entrepreneurs Ladders Bangalore (WEL) is a networking group of over 11,000 women followers. They are organising a pageant only for women entrepreneurs, which is going to be held on the 21st of March, 2021. March is a month for women to celebrate. Women Entrepreneurs Ladders (WEL) is a platform that was created with the singular aim of bringing together women entrepreneurs from all across India to form a supportive community who promote individual businesses with the underlining theme of learning, inspiring and growing together.

WEL is the passion project of Revathy Krishnakumar, a well-known Angel Card Reader certified by Doreen Virtue and an author. Formed in 2014, WEL initially started off with 10 members who used to gather every month for the i “Coffee-Meets” where business ideas and life lessons were exchanged over a steaming cuppa. It didn’t take long for this novel organisation to gain traction and in a short span of time attracted women entrepreneurs from all over Bangalore. WEL has conducted varied events in order to promote the work of its members which includes restaurant launches through a thoroughly enjoyable wine and cheese event at Connies, the soft launch of Anvaya, promotion of organic farming practices through a beautiful farm visit, showcasing upcoming boutiques through fashion shows and promoting exquisite minimalist jewellery stores such as Aquamarine and many more such diverse events. WEL’s founder, Revathy Krishnakumar was also invited to judge the Mrs. Karnataka pageant in 2017. As of December 2020, WEL has close to 11,000 proud women entrepreneur organic members on Facebook.

In 2017, Revathy Krishnakumar decided to create a special offshoot of Ladders that focussed on promoting upcoming Authors and Ladders Book Club started shortly after. It didn’t take long for book-lovers to flock together and lend their unconditional support to newbie authors courtesy book launch events organised through Ladders Book Club. A few of the authors launched through this platform are Zainab Sulaiman (Simply Nanju), Sangeetha Param (Key to Acceptance), Scharada Dubey (Hanuman), Andaleeb Wajid (Asmara’s Summer), a household name in the literary fiction world and many more brilliant female authors. Fun book readings and book exchanges were also organised.

As of 2020, in the wake of the Covid lockdown, Revathy started a Ladders Home Chef platform which was conceived with the aim of helping wonderfully talented home chefs promote their culinary businesses from the safety of their homes. From traditional to modern to fusion cuisine, these home chefs have something to appease to everyone’s palate.

While Ladders already seems to have reached its highest rungs, founder Revathy Krishnakumar maintains that this is just the beginning and that her Ladders is sure to commence many more platforms in the future to cater to the needs of all its members.

Celebrity HAUTE couture designer Shilpi Choudhury, has more than 3000 national and international shows and shoots to her credit, recipient of international Arab award, National award, two times Women’s achiever award, Nirbhaya Bravery award as designer activist by Nirbhaya’s parents, Innovative designer award, Coco Channel award, Plato award as fashion mentor and many more. Shilpi has been honoured by more than 100 MNC companies and institutions and has mentored several supermodels and actors of India. Her fashion label is called Shilpi Choudhury’s haute couture studio.

Watch out this space for more on the Miss India Entrepreneur Pageant 2021, a platform for all the deserving women.